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David and the dedicated team deliver a comprehensive range of disaster restoration, commercial cleaning and carpet and upholstery cleaning and repair services for homeowners and commercial clients.

Rainbow International is the UK's largest Restoration & Commercial Cleaning company, and provides this service through a nationwide network of over 70 branches. Many of the UK's top insurance companies choose Rainbow International on behalf of their policyholder's claims as well as commercial organisations. Each and every year, Rainbow is entrusted to visit thousands of homes across the country on behalf of the insurance industry.

So if you require cleaning following a flood, or cleaning following a fire, Rainbow's branch based in Pontefract are expert in restoring homes back to pre-incident condition following disasters. Specialist commercial cleaning is also provided to a wide range of commercial and industrial organisations.

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Winner of the Rainbow Way Award 2018!


The Rainbow Way Award is presented to a franchisee and their business who endorses, believes and drives the processes and systems which underpin the Rainbow Way. The overall service, excellence, performance and management is judged in order to win. David has proudly been presented with this award for his hard work for Rainbow.

Continued support of The Prince of Wales Hospice

Money raised for The Price of Wales Hospice

Rainbow International Wakefield recognised for making a difference with their charity support of the Prince of Wales Hospice

See Us In Action

See the below for an example of how we use our injection drying system to remove a widespread leak from the inside of a home in just under 6 days drying time. Suffering from a long term washing machine leak, the home owner's engineered oak floor was laid on top of hardwood floorboards with a gap between, allowing the water to spread throughout the whole house.

Below we demonstrate quick and effective graffiti removal. The below example was a residential home in West Yorkshire who suffered some malicious graffiti on their property. We used a combination of chemicals and hot water jet washing with same day turnaround for the home owner who also avoided paying their excess by using Rainbow International Pontefract.

Case Studies

Flooded classroom over New Year!

Rainbow were called out just after the New Year to deal with two flooded classrooms in a local school. They were called at 10am, were on site at 11:30am and had equipment installed by lunchtime which included tenting off an area to concentrate the drying so that lessons would not be affected when the school re-opened five days later. All work was completed on time and the school was back up and running in time.

Helping the Prince of Wales Hospice

Rainbow International Yorkshire were asked to carry out an annual clean of the kitchen ventilation ducting system at the Prince of Wales Hospice.  The work had to be carried out at night so that it would not affect the running of the Hospice. Rainbow were happy to get everything completed well in time for the morning breakfast session.

A serious garage fire

Following a serious garage fire which spread to the roof of the house, something needed to be done on a temporary measure to prevent further damage to the building and contents whilst everything was being sorted out with two sets of Insurance companies. It was agreed between all parties that Rainbow would install a temporary cover and install drying equipment inside of the house to manage the situation, whilst decisions on how to move forward are made

A clinical clean up

Rainbow International Yorkshire were recently called to a clinic between Christmas and New Year for an emergency clean up following an unfortunate incident. Once the correct safety precautions were taken, Rainbow had the room deep cleaned, sterilised and back to working conditions within a few hours. The clinical room was only out of action for one day.

A neighbourly extension exposes the elements!

Rainbow International Yorkshire were called out for the most unusual claim for some time. Our client had agreed that the neighbour could build an extension, but returned from a few days away to find the adjoining house had instead been demolished, leaving their house vulnerable to the elements! Water was constantly entering every time it rained. Rainbow have installed drying equipment in the property to manage and prevent any further damage whilst the issues are being resolved by all relevant parties.

Going the extra mile for our clients...

Rainbow International Yorkshire were recently asked by an existing client to help out with an unusual request. The client was exhibiting at an important trade show in London and required flat pack furniture building, transporting from Yorkshire to London and then setting up the Exhibition stand for them. At the end of show, the client also needed everything collected and returned to Yorkshire. Rainbow International Yorkshire are problem solvers and we’re happy to help their customers with any matter of problems.

Paint spillage as good as new in under 2 hours

Rainbow International were asked to attend a retail outlet in Wakefield where a customer had dropped a 10 litre pot of paint onto the paving directly outside the entrance of the shop. Rainbow were on site in under an hour and using the correct equipment, had the full area cleaned up and ready for the entrance to be re-used in another hour the same day.

Wheelie bins go up in smoke!

Rainbow International Wakefield were asked to clear external fire damage following a wheelie bin catching fire against a house. The outside was treated with a soot removing latex and then the side of the house and driveway were jet washed back to a pre incident condition. A lesson to be learned is to not put burning cigarettes into your wheelie bin!

Unruly maggots in a local school!

Rainbow International Wakefield were called at 5pm on a Friday to deal with an unruly infestation of maggots at a local school! We arrived on site at 8am on the Saturday morning and after some investigation; found that rats had crawled up the sewer pipes and into an area behind the toilets and made their home there. Pest control had previously been out and left poison so the rats had died and maggots then followed. Rainbow worked all day Saturday and were able to strip  the area back, remove all debris, rats and maggots and then thoroughly deep clean the area. We heavily sanitized and sealed off to make the area safe for additional Contractors to refit the toilet block on the Monday.

National Engineering Company Flood

Rainbow International Wakefield were contacted first thing on a Monday morning by a UK National Engineering company whose office had flooded following a burst hot water pipe over the weekend. Rainbow were on site within the hour and then proceeded to extract all the water from the carpets followed by fitting a speed drying system to avoid further disruption to the business. On the fourth morning, Rainbow had returned the office to its original condition and everyone could move back in and get back to normal.

Corraventa Injection Drying in Action

Rainbow International Wakefield were asked to dry a sub floor in a student accommodation block in Huddersfield. In total six flats were affected with water being sandwiched between layers of concrete 50mm below the surface. Using a sophisticated Corraventa Injection Drying system they fitted 3 of these systems to each flat, removing the water and drying the properties in a rapid three weeks. Remedial works are now been completed by builders and with Rainbow's help the project is three weeks ahead of schedule

Broken Glass in UK Facilities Company

Rainbow International Wakefield were instructed by a major UK facilities company to remove broken glass and deep clean a room following an unfortunate accident in a Leeds Office. Rainbow were instructed at 9:30am, on site by 10:30 with the area cleared and made safe by noon the same day.

Customer Accident in High Street Bank!

Rainbow international were asked by a leading UK High Street Bank to deep clean two sofas following a customer having an unfortunate accident!  Rainbow were in attendance within just an hour of the call and work was completed within 3 hours from start to finish

Home Improvement Gone Wrong!

The good intentions of a home owner were dramatically undone when the lid came off of their paint tin! Rainbow Wakefield were employed by the Landlord to remove the paint with a mixture of scraping up excess and jet washing off the remainder with a super hot water jet wash completing the job.

Burst Pipe in Leeds Junior School

Rainbow Wakefield were instructed by Leeds Council to dry a Portacabin Classroom in a junior school following a burst pipe. Driers were installed on a Thursday afternoon including the use of Corraventa Dessicant, producing super hot dry air linked to DriEaz LGR Dehumidifier to remove moisture. The classroom was dry in five days and classes resumed in the classroom on Tuesday morning

Intentional Damage Caused in Rented House

Rainbow Wakefield were called in to deal with possibly the worst damaged house they've seen for a few years. Following a dispute between the Lanlord and tennant, the tennant vandalised the house cutting a water pipe off in loft and allowing water to escape for up to a week. Once the Landlord finally gained entry, he found a total devastation. It took Rainbow 15 days to dry the property out once all the electrics had been made safe with a temporary electrical supply board

'Beast from the East' Flooded Cellar

Rainbow Wakefield were asked to help with a flooded cellar following the 'Beast from the East' weather front freezing up the sump pump drain tube; causing the pump to burn out and then ground water to flood the cellar. All flooring was stripped out and then a temporary pump fitted to pump out the cellar, with drying equipment installed taking just a week to dry out the room

Local Tea Rooms Duct Cleaning

Rainbow Wakefield were asked to clean a cooker duct in the loft space of a local Tea Room. The canopy and fan were fine to clean however the flexible ducting had numerous holes in it so it was easier for Rainbow to replace the ten metre section for a new section and clean the canopy and exterior grill. Work started at 7am in morning and was completed by the 11am opening time the next day.

Drying after the 'Beast from the East'

Rainbow Wakefield were asked by a major British Insurer to dry a property following a burst pipe in the loft. This was after the 'Beast from the East' weather front. The first visit established an asbestos risk in the flooring but all parties wanted to take advantage of the PH being away on holiday for a fortnight to carry out the drying process. Following discussions with the Loss Adjuster and Rainbow's Health & Safety Manager, it was agreed that the undamaged floors could be covered with double sheeted plastic taped down to skirtings all the way round throughout the downstairs of the property to allow drying to take place in a safe environment. Drying was completed in just 9 days, allowing the insurance company to arrange for remedial works to start

Cleaning Up after a Forensics Team!

Rainbow Wakefield were instructed by an Insurance company to deep clean the carpets in a house following a burglary. The burglars didn’t make a mess but the forensics team had trampled through the house without wiping their feet!

UK Housebuilder Dry and Sanitization

Rainbow Wakefield were instructed by a Major UK Housebuilder to sanitize and dry the downstairs of a house following the downstairs toilet overflowing. The house was only three weeks old and on investigation the cause was not found to be faulty workmanship but the homeowner putting cleaning wipes down the toilet causing the drains to block! Once all the flooring was uplifted and disposed of, the property was sanitized and then driers fitted for a total of 7 days to dry this property.

Needle Sweep in Damaged Property

Rainbow Wakefield were asked to do a full Needle Sweep in a fire damaged and vandalised property before the insurance company's builders were allowed to enter. All areas were checked including inside sanitary ware, under carpets, on top of cupboards and the whole process was videoed to provide proof.

Local School Cleaning and Drying

Rainbow Wakefield were asked by a local school to come in and dry their classroom, hallway and boys toilets following a burst pipe. Daily visits were required because the classroom needed to be in constant use so drying machines were installed every day at 5pm and removed every morning at 8 am. Drying the three rooms took just 15 days with minimal disruption to the school.

Job Centre Plus Clean Down

Rainbow Wakefield were tasked with carrying out a full clean down of a local Job Centre Plus, following extensive refurbishment. Work started at 5pm and the team worked through the night to be able to hand the building back over- fully cleaned and sanitised at 8am the following morning

Burst pipe in customer's home

Working on behalf of a National Insurer Rainbow Wakefield were called in to help where the sub floor of a property was full of water following a burst pipe in the kitchen. We accessed kitchen floor from the adjoining utility room and dried the floors using a form of injection drying which enabled the kitchen to stay in operation and the customer to stay in their house. The property was dried out in just eight days

Flooded Holiday Homes in Cumbria

Rainbow International Wakefield were working on behalf of a National Insurer tasked with removing sitting water and then drying a series of Holiday Homes in Cumbria following a River bursting its banks. The initial cleanup took a couple of days and then two weeks to completely dry the properties and hand them over to the builders for repair.

Office Water Cooler Leak

Rainbow International were called in to help with an inconvenient leak from their office water cooler. Rainbow worked quickly and efficiently using our specialist cleaning equipment, to ensure that business was back to usual in no time with a high quality finish to the carpet.

Residential Water Leak

Working for large national insurer, Rainbow International were called to help following a long term leak from a shower cubicle. The broken shower tray was removed to access floor along with the joists beneath with a dehumidifier fitted in a plastic tenting system around it. This process allowed the wet area only to dry, meaning that rest of bathroom could be used safely and we dried floor and joists in just five days

Residential Fire Damage

Working for a major UK insurer, Rainbow International were called to help with fire damage caused at their policy holder's house caused by the washing on their drying rack falling onto a lit log burner. Extensive damage was caused throughout house, but Rainbow helped with the removal of soot and then completely de-odourising the house. To finish, we painted all of the walls and ceilings with a special sealant to allow redecoration to occur. It took two technicians 10 days in total to complete this task.

Catholic Church Internal Clean

Rainbow International were called in to use our special internal steam jet wash system to clean down all the delicate statues and icons inside this Catholic Church, following renovation works from a collapsed ceiling. It took two our technicians a whole day to clean them all with great results.

Wakefield Council Factory

Rainbow International were called to help by Wakefield Council for one of their factories that had a drains blockage, with unsavoury sewage coming out all over floor. We were tasked with scrubbing the floors and equipment and then sterilising the whole area which took one technician just 40 hours to do the work.

Commercial Jet Wash

Following complaints by a local technology company's landlord about the state of the outside of the company's building, Rainbow International were called in to give the tired exterior a thorough jet wash which was completed by one technician in two days.

Graffiti Removal in Leeds Town Centre

Rainbow International Pontefract were recently called to remove graffiti from the outside of Government Buildings in the Centre of Leeds. With the use of our specialist equipment, the graffiti was completely removed within hours.

Flood Restoration after boiler leak in flat in Leeds

Working for a National home insurer, Rainbow International Pontefract were called to a flat in Leeds situated on the 8th floor, where the boiler had burst and water had flowed all over the two bedroom apartment. Due to our prompt arrival just 4 hours after the flood, the leak was prevented from going into the flats on floors below. Rainbow used a combination of desiccant and refrigerant dehumidifiers to dry the property out in 6 days enabling the policy holder to move back in just a week after the event.

Fire Restoration at a plastics recycling plant in South Yorkshire

Rainbow International Ponterfract were contacted by a series of National Home Insurance Companies following a fire at a plastics recycling plant in South Yorkshire. In total Rainbow dealt with 9 houses which involved the removal of light soot damage and most importantly; the removal of the terrible odour of burnt plastic within these houses.

Soft furnishing and carpets were professionally cleaned and then using Air Storm ventilation systems, Hepa filtration systems and Air Scrubbers Rainbow were able to eliminate the odour in these houses with minimum disruption to the home owners with work taking just  1 1/2 days per property.

House Fire Restoration for UK Insurer

Rainbow International Pontefract were called in by a major UK Insurance company to deal with the aftermath of a house fire caused by an imported mobile phone charger overheating. The property faced a total loss situation, after the roof was destroyed allowing rain in. Rainbow International Pontefract were instructed to sift through all the contents, identifying and listing all items for valuation.

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